Il Solengo
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    Il Solengo

    Directed by

    Argentina, Italy


    66 min

    • Italian


    In a hunting cabin, a group of elderly local men recall the life of Mario “de’ Marcella,” a man who for over sixty years lived a life of seclusion in a tufa cave. It isn’t clear what led this curt and eccentric man to lead such a solitary existence, perhaps something that had happened in his childhood, something mysterious and tragic. Whenever a hunter came upon the man, he would simply call him “il Solengo,” like the male boar which lives isolated from the herd.


    • Best International Competition Film - Doclisboa
    • Best Film (Italiana.doc) - Torino FF



    Ercole Colnago
    Giovanni Morichelli
    Ugo Farnetti
    Simone D’Arcangelo
    Andres Pepe Estrada
    Alessio Rigo de Righi
    Matteo Zoppis
    Vittorio Giampietro

    Director's Statement

    By using scraps of 16mm film, we produced a small short narrated by one of the people being interviewed; and during this operation we realized that what was important wasn’t so much the truth about Mario as his surrounding world and thus, somehow, the people we interviewed. That group of hunters revealed more authenticity than any confession and it made us reflect on the way truth is neither the only nor the main ingredient of a story.



    There's a sharp clarity to its images, mannered but probing and intelligent.

    Christopher Small, Indiewire

    It starts from a minimal core and becomes an essay on the immense Italian province, which is the real Italy, in its mixture of self-interest and solidarity... of violence and beauty.

    Alberto Alfredo Tristan, Letter 43

    Alessio Rigo de Righi

    Alessio Rigo de Righi


    Alessio Rigo de Righi (Jackson, MS, USA, 1986) studied film and literature in New York and Rome, after which he moved to Buenos Aires and made the shorts LA GRACIA DEL MAR and MARFIL. His documentary CATEDRAL, which he shot in Madrid in 2009 with Aliocha, received numerous international awards. His project KING CRAB co-directed with Matteo Zoppis was selected for the Venice Gap-financing Market 2019.

    Selected Filmography

    Matteo Zoppis

    Matteo Zoppis


    Matteo Zoppis (Rome, 1986) studied law in Rome and Paris, and then directing in New York. In the United States he began to work as a director of photography, cameraman and video editor. He has made various shorts, including ALL TEARS DROP and MY WILDEST DARK. His collaboration with Alessio Rigo de Righi began in 2013 with the documentary short THE BLACK BEAST, presented at the Rome Film Festival and which then received the Fresnes Prisoners’ Award and a special mention in the short film section at Cinéma du réel in Paris. His project KING CRAB, co-directed with Alessio Rigo de Righi was selected for the Venice Gap-financing Market 2019.

    Selected Filmography