Imposed Piece

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Imposed Piece (Opgelegd Werk)

Directed by Brecht Vanhoenacker

  • Belgium 2017; 74 min
  • Original version: English, Dutch, Korean
  • Genre: Documentary


IMPOSED PIECE is a cinematographic chronicle revealing one of the most prestigious violin’s competition: the Queen Elisabeth.
Through this documentary, the audience meets some of the twelve finalists and follows their intense preparation. These young and talented musicians finally have the chance to manifest themselves as soloists after years of practice and sacrifices. Pressure and expectations are high.
In complete seclusion and during an eight-days period, they have to study a compulsory piece and a concerto of their choice.
Little by little, the film reveals how they prepare, how they cope with stress and how they reflect on their past and future.




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    Matthias Angoulvant