In a Bedroom

Not available for screening anymore

In a Bedroom (W sypialni)

Directed by Tomasz Wasilewski

  • Poland 2012; 78 min
  • Original version: Polish
  • Genre: Drama

  • Karlovy Vary IFF,
    Forum of Independents Competition


Forty-year-old Edyta is in crisis. She sleeps at hotels, and when her money runs out she uses the internet to find men who are looking for sex. Edyta spends nights in the homes of the nameless men but, instead of the promised sex, she takes advantage of their involuntary hospitality. She reaches a turning point, however, when she meets a young artist named Patryk.… In his minimalist movie, debuting director Tomasz Wasilewski makes smart use of the tension resulting from the lack of information his story provides viewers about the protagonists. Faces and gestures reveal the characters more than words, with the brittle, unnameable atmosphere that pervades the entire film playing a fundamental role. In her entirely natural manner, Katarzyna Herman lends veracity to the character of Edyta, and her excellent performance earned her the domestic award for Best Actress at the Koszalin Debut Films Festival.



    Michał Toczyski