In a Pig's Eye
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    In a Pig's Eye

    Wakaranai buta

    Directed by



    10 min

    • Japanese

    Animation, Short

    There is a pig in front of the house. There are people in the house. Everyone knows about the pig, and the pig is aware of everyone, but none of them knows how and to what extent everyone else or the pig knows about each other. Mom doesn't know about Dad, either…


    • Best Film - Fantoche IFF
    • Best Animated Film - Curtas Vila do Conde


    Atsushi Wada
    Atsushi Wada
    Atsushi Wada

    Atsushi Wada


    I think that books and documentaries have a lot of influence on me. When I hear words I imagine pictures. Subtle gestures or behaviours create a kind of flash of realization in me

    Born in Hyogo Prefecture, 1980. He studied visual image at Osaka Kyoiku University, Image Forum Institute of Moving Image and the Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts. He started producing animation works on his own since 2002, and released HANA NO HI (DAY OF NOSE), SOU IU MEGANE (WELL, THAT'S GLASSES), and more. IN A PIG'S EYE won the Best Film Award at the Fantoche International Animation Film Festival in 2010 as well as the Best Animated Film at Curtas Vila do Conde Film Festival the same year, and his work, HARU NO SKIKUMI (THE MECHANISM OF SPRING), was screened at the Venice International Film Festival. His latest work, THE GREAT RABBIT (GUREHTO RABITTO) won the silver bear in the Berlinale International Film Festival 2012.

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