in bed at 10 p.m
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    in bed at 10 p.m

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    16 min

    • Hebrew

    Drama, Short

    From the director of ENDING SONG presented at the Sofia Meeting

    Rachel(71) & Motti (72) are in bed at 10 PM. Until Motti’s wife calls him, and he has to leave. Lately he agreed with his wife that if she calls him twice it means it is urgent. Rachel then realizes that no matter what, she will never be as urgent as his wife. Following that epiphany, Rachel goes on a trip to find a new partner, someone that will only be hers, someone she can share her life with.


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    • 1st Prize – Robinson Short Film Competition
    • Jury Prize –Galilee’s Short FF


    Carlos Berger
    Ilan Dar
    Aliza Rosen
    Yael Appelboum
    Asaph Polonsky
    Moshe Mishali
    Uri Triest
    Ran Bagno

    Director's Statement

    When your grandmother tells you her love your stories that sound very much a like to the stories you go through as a young man, you know that you’ve got a movie. The more I talked with her the more I understood that the search for love is never-ending.
    The poem “man and woman in bed at 10 p.m.” by Charles Bukowski was a huge inspiration on the film. A poem I found myself reading to a loved one in the past and for me is a brutal description of what we will go through to be with each other. Bukowski sums up his poem with two words at the end of it “I feel”. And that says it all.

    Asaph Polonsky

    Asaph Polonsky


    Born in Washington DC 1983, Asaph was raised In Israel where he directed, wrote and independently produced two shorts films ZIPPER and IN BED AT 10 P.M. Asaph also directed award-winning music videos, worked in various television projects and was awarded the Irwin and Sheila Allen Scholarship and an America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship. Asaph has recently graduated the director’s track at the AFI in Los Angeles and with his thesis film SAMNANG which received the prestigious Technicolor Student Grant. In 2016, his feature film ONE WEEK AND A DAY was selected for the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes.

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