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In Silence

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In Silence (V Tichu)

Directed by Zdenek Jirasky

  • Czech Republic, Slovak Republic 2014; 90 min
  • Original version: Slovak
  • Genre: War, Historical, Drama

  • Karlovy Vary IFF

  • From the director of KRYSTOF (THREE ESCAPES) presented at Baltic Event


Agata Schindlerová is a Slovak musicology researcher who lives in Dresden. She has focused on discovering Jewish musicians whose destiny was completely changed by the Nazis. The film also depicts their lives. In Silenceportrays how the Nazis persecuted Jewish artists during World War II. What is experimental is that the film’s characters never speak; they share their thoughts through their internal voices. Even after the artists are taken to a concentration camp, the misery they go through is also described “in silence,” without any dialogue. This is in line with their reality in the camp where they were not allowed to speak, ordered to just obey the Nazis like animals. This great film deals with the dark historical period during which the Nazis tried to wipe out the dreams and inspiration of artists whose job was the pursuit of beauty. This is Zdenek Jirasky’s second feature, a filmmaker who was honored with the Flash Forward prize at the Busan International Film Festival a few years ago for FLOWER BUDS (2011).



    Livia Filusova