In the Dark

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    In the Dark

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    55 min

    • Korean


    From the director of SECRETS OF MY NORTH KOREAN FATHER presented at Paris Project

    IN THE DARK tells of a story inspired by the testimony of a prostitute in South Korea. The film has an atmosphere of anxiety and worry. The atmosphere leads to nowhere. We are lost in the image of these characters who always remain unidentified. We will probably see that the traces of these individuals continue to live. Some scenes may be shocking, some are confusing and could cause a sensation of disgust. It is my intention, however, to give great importance to a "physical" feeling. The relationship between the "Filmer" and the "Filmed" is essential. In the karaoke scene, for example, I wanted to add a sense of the subjective camera. By using the technique of the uncut, long take, the camera imposes its own look and expression. I've tried not to change the camera angle by not using the "shot reverse shot" technique often used in the cinema or television. The choice of the hand-held camera has allowed me to experiment more freely and give the sensation of the two characters being followed. I also gave a significant value to the light that eliminates the identity of these individuals. These contrasting lights and shadows show a confused feeling and fragmented memory, more or less lost over time. The film does not judge the motivation and the political or social system in this country, it only shows the existence as it is. This film does not address anyone directly.


    Tae-Sung Park
    Emilie Lacape
    Dong-Hwa Kim
    Dong-Ha Park
    Ik-Nam Paik
    Yun-Hee Lee
    Jéro Yun
    Jin-Yeul Song
    Mathieu Regnault
    Jéro Yun

    Jéro Yun

    South Korea

    It is my intention, however, to give great importance to a "physical" feeling.

    Born in Busan, Jéro Yun studied Art and Cinema in France. After his short film, PROMISE (2011), won Grand Prize at the Asiana International Short Film Festival 2011, he produced and directed several more short films. Two of his movies were selected at Cannes Film Festival 2016; MRS. B, A NORTH KOREAN WOMAN (2016) in the ACID, and HITCHHIKER (2016) in Directors′ Fortnight. That same year, he won Best Documentary at both the Moscow International Film Festival 2016 and Zurich Film Festival 2016 with MRS. B, A NORTH KOREAN WOMAN (2016). His feature film documentary, LETTERS (2017), co-directed with Marte Vold, and co-produced with Norwegian production company Mer Film, was in competition at Busan International Film Festival 2017, Göteborg Film Festival 2018, and CPH:DOX Film Festival 2018. He has just finished feature film, BEAUTIFUL DAYS (2018), starring famous actress Lee Na-young, to be released in Korea this year and produced by Peppermint&company; production company of THE WITCH (Park Hoon-jung, 2018), V.I.P (Park Hoon-jung, 2017), and I SAW THE DEVIL (Kim Jee-woon, 2010).

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