In the Heart of the World

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In the Heart of the World (No coração do mundo)

Directed by Gabriel Martins, Maurilio Martins

  • Brazil 2019; 121 min
  • Original version: Portuguese
  • Genre: Drama


Dona Sônia borrowed a gun from her neighbor, to avenge her son, Joca, who was killed by Beto, who is Miro’s brother, who is Rose’s lover, who is Selma’s friend, who works with Marcos, who is Ana’s boyfriend, who wants to leave the city of Contagem and have a better life in the heart of the world.

Director's Statement

IN THE HEART OF THE WORLD seems destined to happen for us since a long time ago. We both grew up in Contagem in the same neighbourhood where we shot the feature. Actually we met in University having that special characteristic in common. That brought us together and moved us to shoot not only this film but others (shorts) before focusing on that same theme again with this project. IN THE HEART OF THE WORLD is a central part of this process of self-knowledge. Marcos, Ana, Selma, Miro, Beto, Rose and all the other characters are pieces of us translated into film. They are what we were, want to be and could be.



    André Novais Oliveira