In the Open

Not available for screening anymore

In the Open (La Liberté)

Directed by Guillaume Massart

  • France 2017; 146 min
  • Original version: French
  • Genre: Documentary


An “open” prison located in Corsica, Casabianda contains 130 men who are often serving long sentences for intrafamilial sex crimes. While the original idea was to start with an observation of this unique place of detention, the filmmaker later adopted a different form and modus operandi. Rather than an exploration, In the Open is a “filmic discussion” in which the filmmaker invents a way of talking with the inmates in the course of long sequences. This attitude does not follow the notion of redemption – this is not at stake here – but rather the invention of a pathway by means of words. The itineraries differ; denial is one of them, while others make use of the film to move forward, using speech as a potentially emancipatory tool.