Inside Me

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Inside Me

Directed by Maria Teixeira

  • Germany 2019; 6 min
  • Genre: Animation
    • Blit Award for Best Director - Curtas Vila do Conde


Produced at Filmuniversitat Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, in Germany, where Maria Teixeira studied animation, INSIDE ME is based on true stories of from lives of women who were interviewed for this project. In a very minimalist record, with illustrations in sketches’ format, this animation addresses a very sensitive issue for the female audience, the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, a delicate decision-making process with contradictory feelings: on a personal dimension, one wants to forget it to avoid becoming traumatized; on the other hand, it is necessary to make it socially and politically conscious to cease to be a moral issue and become a public health issue.



    Cristina Marx