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Insiders (Içerdekiler)

Directed by Hüseyin Karabey

  • Turkey 2018; 115 min
  • Original version: Turkish
  • Genre: Drama
    • Golden Boll Jury Prize (National Feature Film) - Adana FF


The commissioner tells the teacher, who had been imprisoned for the past 6 months for no apparent reason, that they will allow him to meet with his wife even though conjugal visits are prohibited.
The skeptical teacher continually asks why they would allow this. The commissioner says "out of human decency", but his real motive is to try one last move to make him talk. The prisoner waits in the commissioner's room for the moment to be alone with his wife but the wife falls ill and ends up sending her sister instead. The prisoner is utterly disappointed, as he had been obsessively fantasizing about making love with his wife for the last time. During the visit, albeit unintentionally, the prisoner uses the same techniques that the commissioner has been using on him, to convince her to sleep with him. Totally unaware of any of this, the sister-in-law has to face a major ethical problem before she even begins to feel the joy of seeing her brother-in-law.



    Hüseyin Karabey