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Invasion (Hojoom)

Directed by Shahram Mokri

  • Iran 2017; 97 min
  • Original version: Farsi
  • Genre: Drama, Crime


A murder has been occurred and three policemen have come to sport club for inspection. They have the suspect with themselves and only they shall find the path of murder occurence, but it will be complicated for them. The friends of the slain do not want to cooperate with the police.

Director's Statement

Hojom film is resulted from a workgroup with cooperation of people who are the best in their field. They are a set of unique actors who comes from theater and professional and patient people who are behind the science. Hojom is a combination of my interested cinema worlds. A combination that has constructed a complicated world and hope that the world not to be hard and impenetrable for watcher. I know that we can find many ways for entering in the hard wall.



    Sepehr Seifi 

International Sales


    Mohammad Atebbai