It Was Showering in Manchester
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    It Was Showering in Manchester

    У Манчестері йшов дощ

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    27 min

    • Russian


    When Andrey was 12 years old he could easily hang on a basketball hoop. When he was 14 he could not fit into the photo. Now he is 22 years old and 207 cm height. Being tall is always a trouble. But being tall is not the main trouble of Andrey.


    • Golden Duke (National Short Film Competition) - Odessa IFF



    Maria Khomutova
    Andrii Lidahovskyi
    Dmytro Hromov
    Valeria Kalchenko
    Antonio Lukich
    Illya Egorov
    Antonio Lukich

    Antonio Lukich


    MY THOUGHTS ARE SILENT is a story about immigration, as a state of mind. It’s about a young man, who grew up too quickly and his middleaged mother, who managed to stay young at heart. It is a story about the last journey to the places of your childhood, which do not become one’s true love, but love they can teach.

    Antonio was born in Uzhgorod, Western Ukraine. He studied directing at Kyiv National Karpenko-Kary University. His graduation short film IT WAS SHOWERING IN MANCHESTER (2015) was awarded Best Short Film at Odesa IFF 2016. MY THOUGHTS ARE SILENT (2019), his feature film debut, was presented as a project at Meeting Point - Vilnius 2019 where it won the co-production events main award. It later premiered in Karlovy Vary's East of the West competition where it won a special jury prize. It went on to win a slew of awards at Odesa IFF including the FIPRESCI and Audience Award.

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