It's All in Lebanon
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    It's All in Lebanon

    Directed by

    Lebanon, United Arab Emirates


    62 min

    • French
    • Arabic


    In IT’S ALL IN LEBANON, Wissam Charaf traces the recent history and identity of Lebanon through its political campaigns, PR imagery and pop videos. And most importantly, how has Lebanon fared in nation-building - through image-making - over the 20 years since the Civil War ended? A must-see for all those involved in politics, advertising, public relations and the media.


    Wissam Charaf
    Talal Khoury
    Anne De Mo
    Wissam Charaf
    Wissam Charaf

    Wissam Charaf


    Having grown up in Lebanon during the civil war might be seen as a curse. But in the end, we have witnessed a 17-year long horror movie. I would be distasteful to call this experience inspiring, however it does give you a few ideas...

    Wissam Charaf is a Franco-Lebanese director. From 2004 to 2016, Wissam Charaf directed shorts films such as HIZZ YA WIZZ (2004), AN ARMY OF ANTS (2007) and AFTER (2016) that screened in festivals including Locarno, Rotterdam and Clermont-Ferrand. In 2012, he directed his first documentary IT’S ALL LEBANON (2014, DIFF) awarded the Bronze Tanit for the Best Documentary at Carthage Film Festival. His first feature film HEAVEN SENT (2016), selected by ACID in Cannes, also won the Grand Prize at Tübingen Film festival among many awards. His film UNFORGETTABLE MEMORY OF A FRIEND (2018) won the Jury Award at Hiroshima International Film Festival.

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