Jairo’s Revenge

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Jairo’s Revenge (La venganza de Jairo)

Directed by Simon Hernandez

  • Colombia, Mexico 2019; 84 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Documentary


Jairo José Pinilla Téllez (Cali, Colombia, 1944) is the pioneer of suspense and science fiction in Colombian film. He has directed films such as 27 HORAS CON LA MUERTE or FUNERAL SINIESTRO, which were iconic films and blockbuster hits in the seventies and eighties. Pinilla was the first to use special effects in Colombian film and now, at the age of over 70, he is working to finish his last film: his first non-animated 3D film to be titled EL ESPIRITU DE LA MUERTE. He does all of these effects himself from his own home, often using his own handcrafted techniques in the editing process. Through interviews and film clips, this endearing documentary follows Jairo’s footsteps through Colombian film, a leader whose work is well worthy of the tribute this film pays to him.



    Simón Hernández