Je te tiens
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    Je te tiens

    Directed by



    21 min

    • Spanish


    It is the road trip of a mother and her daughter through strange worlds. The daughter wants to kill herself and the mother will try to talk her out of it.



    Ángela Molina
    Virginia Rousse
    Sosaku Miyazaki
    Sergio Caballero
    Claudia Mallart
    Bernat Vilaplana
    Pedro Alcalde
    Sergio Caballero
    Sergio Caballero

    Sergio Caballero


    You literally have to lose your senses and bring together different elements in a spontaneous manner, constantly testing it for taste so as to find out the perfect blend... Making a film is like cooking.

    Sergio Caballero’s (1974, Spain) creativity and artistic restlessness has manifested itself across many fields, such as the composition of electronic music, visual and conceptual art and films. He is founder and co-director of Sónar as well as the art director of its ever-controversial campaigns. Sónar is a festival held in Barcelona since 1994. A pioneer in format and content, the festival combines entertainment with art, delving into new trends in music, creativity and technology. In the mid-1980s, Caballero co-founded the conceptual art group ‘Los Rinos’ focused on the graffiti circle and then on painting actions, video performance and more. In the visual arts, Caballero has had individual exhibitions. His most recent, ‘Abstraction in the Stable’, is a re-take on academic, abstract expressionism in painting and shares authorship with a Dutch horse. Since 2004 he has worked with the composer Pedro Alcalde on a series of musical pieces for the dance choreographer Nacho Duato, now artistic director of the Staatsballett Berlin. As a film director, FINISTERRAE was his first feature-length film and was awarded a Hivos Tiger Award at the 2011 International Film Festival Rotterdam, Best Film at the Ars Independent in Katowice and has been selected for more than sixty festivals worldwide. His second film THE DISTANCE and the short film ANCHA ES CASTILLA / N’IMPORTE QUOI were both presented at the 2014 International Film Festival Rotterdam and screened at several international festivals around the world. His short film JE TE TIENS (2019) had its world premiere at Directors’ Fortnight.

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