Jean Gentil

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Jean Gentil

Directed by Israel Cárdenas, Israel Cárdenas, Laura Amelia Guzmán, Laura Amelia Guzmán

  • Dominican Republic, Mexico, Germany 2010; 84 min
  • Original version: Spanish, Haitian Creole
  • Genre: Drama
    • Orizzonti Special Mention, Venice IFF
    • Bronze Alexander, Thessaloniki IFF
    • Special Jury Prize, Guadalajara IFF
    • Grand Prize Winner, International Competition, Jeonju IFF

  • Venice IFF: Orizzonti


A morning at Santo Domingo begins for Jean, a middle-aged Haitian professor on an increasingly desperate journey to find his place in the world or a reason to live. The man disappears into the reality that surrounds him. The bloom of the island’s landscape can’t hide the worries of its inhabitants.

Director's Statement

We want to give time and space to the character, so that in Jean’s transit, we are able to recognize the changing scenery as a character and the narrative conductor of the story; to sense the contrast between a growing city and the “tranquility” of the countryside and coasts that are about to disappear, and feel man in his actions of construction and destruction, human development against the personal development of many like Jean Gentil.



    Israel Cárdenas, Laura A. Guzmán 




    Bärbel Mauch