Jessica Forever

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    Jessica Forever

    Directed by

    • Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel



    97 min

    • French

    Drama, Fantasy

    Jessica is the leader of a group of lost boys with a violent past who now seek peace and harmony. She is the only one to have ever brought them love and understanding. They only wish to create a world where they can live in peace together, and forever.


    • TVCine & Series Channels Special Award - IndieLisboa


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    Aomi Muyock
    Lukas Ionesco
    Maya Coline
    Paul Hamy


    Beautifully shot. A wild genre-bender with visual magic.

    Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter

    Dystopian drama from France stands out from the crowd. A high-concept panache. With the charismatic Jessica offering a ray of hope for the wayward souls in her care, the film presents a feminist subversion of typical savior narratives. Jessica Forever possesses an otherworldly look and feel […] that helps it stand out in the heavily populated dystopian realm. There’s poise and flair in the film’s overall stripped-back nature, echoed in its aesthetic touches as well.

    Sarah Ward, Screen Daily

    A stylistically measured pace. A clinical look at the characters within. An oddly quiet strain of surrealism that takes hold of the imagery to share metaphor, give pain physical form, and unleash dark premonitions of impending carnage. These transitions from reality to hallucination are absolutely heartbreaking.

    Jared Mobarak, The Film

    Its audacity makes it a potentially cult title, which for a first feature, is already somewhat of a success.

    Fabien Lemercier, Cineuropa