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Directed by Jesper Ganslandt

  • Sweden, Austria, Croatia 2018; 91 min
  • Original version: Swedish, German, Croatian
  • Genre: Drama


Jimmie is four years old. His father assures him that he will see his mother, who has suddenly disappeared, again. Jimmie believes him; what toddler wouldn’t? Even when his nice life in Stockholm disintegrates even more, Jimmie continues to cling to the promises. To an adult’s hand, a friendly face, and his trusty cuddly toy. In his fourth feature, Jesper Ganslandt shows with great assurance and empathy how a child tries to survive in times of desperation and loss. Jimmie, with his long blonde hair and hip Fjällräven rucksack, is forced to flee Sweden in search of a secure future. The journey is long and hazardous. The question "What if it happened to us?" underpins the impressionist film Jimmie; with a simple reversal, Ganslandt brings the refugee crisis horribly close to Western European audiences. But this film also transcends its strong concept and is primarily a compelling, fascinating drama, superbly acted by Ganslandt himself and his young son Hunter.



    Hedvig Lundgren