Kebab & Horoscope

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Kebab & Horoscope

Directed by Grzegorz Jaroszuk

  • Poland 2014; 72 min
  • Original version: Polish
  • Genre: Comedy drama
    • Best International Feature Film (Ex-aequo) - Rome Independent FF

  • Karlovy Vary IFF


A group of misfits from a carpet shop have a chance to change their lives with the help of two marketing experts – an ex-kebab shop worker and ex-fortune teller from a wildlife magazine.

Director's Statement

Kebab & Horoscope is a story about awkward people, who seek love in life. My characters’ clumsiness confronted with the absurd world makes my film a comedy. Comic aspect, though, is only to soften a tough story about loneliness, unfulfilled need of love and sadness. My actors have peculiar looks, on the visual level they build each other by contrast. Static camera, observing heroes more than participating, cold shades, are underlining characters’ alienation. Narration will build an absurd and funny film about people, who discover, that there is no sense in trying to fight against loneliness.


  • MD4


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