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    KEKSZAKALLU is an unconventional portrayal of several young women witnessed in immersive yet indeterminate states: within their bodies, among their friends and lovers, and ultimately in a culture of economic and spiritual recession. The torpor of boredom and privilege is undercut by the vicissitudes of Argentina’s economic malaise, forcing the offspring of a vanishing upper class to extricate themselves from the props of familial privilege. The film presents a documentary-like exposure of the quotidian while extending possibilities for redemption among this brood of the weary. Obliquely inspired by Bela Bartok’s sole opera, KEKSZAKALLU radically transposes the portent of Bluebeard’s Castle into something far less recognizable: a tale of generational inertia, situated between the alternating and precisely rendered tableaux of work and repose in Buenos Aires and Punta del Este.


    • FIPRESCI Prize - Venice IFF


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    Laila Maltz
    Katia Szechtman
    Lara Tarlowski
    Natali Maltz
    Maria Soldi
    Pedro Trocca
    Denise Groesman

    Director's Statement

    Two years ago I was under the spell of Bartok’s feverish opera, and it was through the lens of a similarly folkloric transfiguration that I began to envision the lives of teenagers who vacationed much as I had as a youth: summers at the coast, in houses leached of color, the heat bearing down, all while inner turmoil lay dormant, perhaps corrosively so. I was captivated by the material essence of iconic architecture and the lives trapped inside it: was this supposed white paradise by the sea not a kind of involuntary hell? One could feel here the circularity of time, the repetition of gestures and the embalming nature of history repeating itself. So it was here that my own operatic dream came to be, an uncanny union of opposing elements—maximum artifice laid bare by a documentarian gaze—unfolding like a fugue.



    a lot of endearingly dry comedy… bold and sometimes theatrical compositions, stark pageantry… tumble of alluring, enigmatic images.

    José Teodoro, Cinema Scope

    Gastón  Solnicki

    Gastón Solnicki


    Gastón Solnicki, born in 1978, in an Argentine director and producer. He studied at the International Center of Photography and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. He directed his first feature film SÜDEN in 2008. His second film, PAPIROSEN, premiered in Locarno in 2011, then won the Best Film Award at BAFICI and was finally released in New York where it got selected as a New York Times “Critics’ Picks.” His films have screened at festivals such as Rotterdam, Viennale and Jeonju.

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