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Kill Me Please

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Kill Me Please (Mate-me por favor)

Directed by Anita Rocha da Silveira

  • Brazil, Argentina 2015; 101 min
  • Original version: Portuguese
  • Genre: Drama
    • Best Director, Best Actress (Valentina Herszage) - Rio de Janeiro IFF
    • Best Film ABC Award - Janela ICR

  • From the director of MEDUSA presented at TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event
    From the director of MEDUSA presented at CineMart


Barra da Tijuca, West Side Zone of Rio de Janeiro. A wave of murderers plague the area. What starts off as a morbid curiosity for the local youth slowly begins to spoil away at their lives. Among them is Bia, a fifteen year old girl. After an encounter with death, she will do anything to make sure she’s alive.

Director's Statement

KILL ME PLEASE was inspired through memories and emotions experienced during my teenage years. The discovery of love and sex greatly resembled my first encounter with death: the fear and fascination of knowing my life didn’t really belong to me and the will to live in an extreme state between possibility and the impossible. Intensified, these sentiments became the basis of creating a distinct universe. Uncontrolled and without mentorship, the youth test their limits to the same extent in which they fear, fantasize and fall in love. The chosen arena is Barra da Tijuca, a newly developed and brutal space—much like my characters and a killer who haunts and slowly tarnishes their neighborhood.




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