Killing Jesus

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Killing Jesus (Matar a Jesús)

Directed by Laura Mora

  • Argentina, Colombia 2017; 100 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Drama
    • EROSKI Youth Award, Special Mention Kutxabank, Fedeora Award, SIGNIS Award - San Sebastián IFF
    • Special Jury Prize for Best Director - Cairo IFF
    • FIPRESCI Prize - Cairo IFF
    • EGEDA Audience Award - Cartagena IFF


When the law offers no answers after Paula's father's murder, she decides to find the killer herself. By chance, she meets him—dancing, smiling—at a nightclub. The two grow closer. His name is Jesús. He wants to be with her. She wants to kill him.

Director's Statement

The idea for the script came to me in a really weird way. A year-and-a-half after my dad was killed, I moved to Australia, and was very frustrated because I wasn’t able to write. I had always been good at it, but when Dad was killed I stopped, and it was hard because I felt I owned him an homage with written words, but I just couldn’t do it. Eventually, I had this dream that I was at this lookout point and a guy sat next to me and started talking. He asked how old I was then suddenly said: “My name is Jesus, and I’m the one who killed your dad.” At that point I woke up and started writing the main idea of the film. After four years it was too painful, and I got stuck. I met Alonso Torres and we became really good friends. He came in and got really close to the project.


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