King of Comics

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    King of Comics

    König des Comics

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    80 min

    • German


    Humour, irony and razor sharp observation are his liberating weapons against bigoted prejudice, and gay life, gay clichés, male sensibilities, desires and frustrations, urban neuroses, forays into antiquity and the influence of religion on society are the topics that Ralf König, Gemany’s best-known comic illustrator alongside Moers and Brösel, has called his own. The documentary KING OF COMICS pays tribute to an artist at the height of his creativity. König’s life and art are closely intertwined with the emergent gay community of the late seventies. It all began in a village in Westphalia where at an early age illustrating helped him come out. His ‘adolescent scribbling’ (sic) soon evolved into an assured comic style still informed by a sense of humour that is both frivolous and anarchistic. König’s topics and interests have long gone beyond homosexuality to embrace more universal and philosophic subjects, and he will no doubt continue to plumb the depths of social convention ad absurdum.


    Ralf König
    Joachim Król
    Hella von Sinnen
    Ralph Morgenstern
    Rosa von Praunheim
    Wilfried Kaute
    Dennis Pauls
    Michael Nopens
    Stephan Kümin
    Oliver Sechting
    Andreas Wolter
    Rosa von Praunheim

    Rosa von Praunheim


    Rosa von Praunheim is a director born on the 25th of November 1942 in Riga, Latvia.
    He studied painting at Offenbach College of Commercial Art and Berlin’s College of Arts.
    In 1967, he published a book, “Männer, Rauschgift und der Tod” (Men, Narcotics and Death), and made his first short films.
    He was Gregory J. Markopoulos’ assistant director in 1968 before making a breakthrough as a director in his own right in 1971 with DIE BETTWURST and NICHT DER HOMOSEXUELLE IST PERVERS, SONDERN DIE SITUATION IN DER ER LEBT (IT'S NOT THE HOMOSEXUAL WHO IS PERVERSE, BUT THE SITUATION IN WHICH HE LIVES).
    He has been professor of directing at the HFF “Konrad Wolf ” in Potsdam- Babelsberg since 2000.

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