KL Zombi

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    KL Zombi

    Directed by



    97 min

    • Malaysian

    Comedy, Horror

    Life as we know it is threatening to come to a terrifying end for the citizens of Malaysia. Following a zombie outbreak in the country, calm turns to chaos, comfortable daily routines are upturned, and civilisation crumbles. Nipis, an indifferent slacker by nature, decides to take matters into his own hands. Teaming with a group of survivors, Nipis embarks on a quest to save the nation from the walking dead before it’s too late!



    Zizan Raja Lawak
    Siti Saleha
    Izara Aishah
    Adib Zaini
    Kenny Kuang Eng Chua
    Kenny Kuang Eng Chua
    Sebastien Pan
    Ming Jin Woo

    Ming Jin Woo


    I'm drawn to the everyday layman world, the people living outside of the city, places that are untouched by time.

    Woo Ming Jin has the distinction of being the first Malaysian director with films in all three major festivals – Cannes, Berlin, and Venice. Born in Malaysia in 1976, Ming Jin’s work as a filmmaker and photographer has garnered him a reputation as one of the most promising talents in East Asia. His first film, MONDAY MORNING GLORY (2005), was screened at the Berlin IFF and the FF Locarno, while his second, ELEPHANT AND THE SEA (2007), won awards in the Torino IFF, Cinema Digital Seoul, as well as Portuguese and Spanish festivals. WOMAN ON FIRE LOOKS FOR WATER (2009), played at the Venice IFF, the Busan IFF, and the IFF Rotterdam, among others. THE TIGER FACTORY is only the third film in Malaysian history to be selected for Cannes IFF. It was followed by the slasher/horror film SERU (RESURRECTION), which opened in Malaysia in April 2011. His latest feature is THE SECOND LIFE OF THIEVES, which premiered in Busan IFF.

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