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Directed by Naomi Kawase

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Back to seventy years ago, Koma was just the same, calm village holding the terraced rice fields. A man who visited the village for work found peace in hospitality by the husband and wife and their baby at a wealthy farmer’s home, and they reminded him of his child he left at home. That night, the baby suffered from strong fever, and he ran holding the farmer’s baby to the doctor over the hills, saving the little life. The wealthy farmer presented a scroll picture to the man as a token of appreciation. He felt a slight reminiscence that he once might have seen, in his own country, this honorable man with a gem in his hand. Because of its magnificence, he tried to decline the farmer’s gift, but the master was so insistent. The man, in return, handed the farmer his Pansori fan which he always carries with him as a memento of his mother.

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