La Libertad
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    La Libertad

    Directed by

    Colombia, France, USA


    30 min

    • Spanish


    LA LIBERTAD follows a group of matriarchal weavers in Mexico, formally mimicking the examination of an object through subtle shifts in scale and space.


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    Crispina Navarro
    Mariana Navarro
    Gerardo Navarro
    Inés Navarro
    Margarita Navarro
    Laura Huertas Millán
    Laura Huertas Millán
    Laura Huertas Millán

    Laura Huertas Millán


    I am interested in syncretism, in the plurality of voices and narrative structures, and how fiction is an intrinsic layer of reality. This aesthetic calls forth an altered state of perception, a temporal/spatial voyage into the depths of the self, of dream, and memory - a truly embodied experience.

    Laura Huertas Millán is a French-Colombian artist and filmmaker. A graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Paris and Le Fresnoy, she holds a PhD in visual arts developed between PSL University (SACRe program) and the Sensory Ethnography Lab (Harvard University).

    Her films JOURNEY TO A LAND OTHERWISE KNOWN (2012) and AEQUADOR (2011) were part of a series around exoticism, where political history, ecology and science-fiction intertwined. These works were mainly shown in art event and venues (Guggenheim NY, Videobrasil, Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento, Centre Pompidou, Palais de Tokyo, FRONT Triennial…).

    In 2012, she started a series on "ethnographic fictions”, hyphenated forms in-between visual anthropology and experimental documentaries. SOL NEGRO (2016), LA LIBERTAD (2016), JENY303 (2018) and THE LABYRINTH (2018) are the main pieces of this series. Awarded at the Locarno Film festival, FIDMarseille, Doclisboa, Fronteira Film festival and MIDBO (Colombia), these films were also part of the official selections of the Toronto Film Festival, the New York Film Festival, Cinéma du Réel, Torino, FICUNAM, La Habana, among others. Recent focus on her work have been held at TIFF Lightbox, the Flaherty Seminar, London´s ICA and Chicago´s SAIC.

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