La Soledad
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    La Soledad

    The Solitude

    Directed by



    89 min

    • Spanish


    Capturing the life of real people amidst the Venezuelan crisis, LA SOLEDAD is the story of José, a young father who discovers that the dilapidated mansion he inhabits will soon be demolished. Desperate to save his family from homelessness, José begins a search for a cursed treasure that is said to be buried in the house. Played by the real inhabitants of the house, LA SOLEDAD gives an unprecedented look at the economic catastrophe of contemporary Venezuela.


    • Audience Award for Best Feature Film - Miami IFF
    • Special Jury Prize - Atlanta IFF
    • Honorable Mention - Nashville IFF



    José Dolores López
    Marley Alvillaes López
    Adrializ López
    Jorge R. Thielen
    Maria del Carmen Agamez Palomino

    Director's Statement

    I remember discovering the vast gardens of great-grandma’s house with José and my cousins; my uncle’s stories had transformed La Soledad into a surreal place for us, and my encounters with the spirit of my great-grandfather drew me to this place all my life. I wanted to make a film about my memories and the present of this dilapidated villa with those who still live there. As we worked on the film, the house came to encapsulate the reality of today’s Venezuela: forgotten in time, inhabited by people who have hope but that are not provided with opportunities.

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    Sometimes humorous, sometimes poetic and ultimately devastating.

    Glenn Kenny,

    There is something touching, real and unreal in the whole experience, which makes La Soledad one of the most unique and essential films

    Claudio Alves, Magazine HD

    Jorge Thielen Armand

    Jorge Thielen Armand


    My films have been a vehicle to immortalize my family and my memories of a land I can no longer recognize.

    Jorge Thielen Armand was born in Caracas, Venezuela. His work has been presented at the Venice IFF, Rotterdam, the London Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Istanbul Biennial, Filmfest München, BAFICI, Durban IFF, the Museum of the Moving Image in New York, among others. His latest feature film LA FORTALEZA (IFF Rotterdam, 2020) premiered to critical acclaim in Rotterdam, where it was nominated for the Tiger Award. His first feature film LA SOLEDAD (Venice IFF, 2016) won the French Critics’ Prize in Biarritz and the Audience Award for Best Film in Miami IFF, followed by numerous awards at festivals worldwide. The film was released in UK cinemas by the ICA and MUBI. His documentary FLOR DE LA MAR (Sarasota IFF, 2015) screened at the 39th Margaret Mead Festival and won the Jury Prize for Best Documentary Short at Cine Las Americas IFF in Austin. Jorge founded La Faena Films with Rodrigo Michelangeli, a production company dedicated to art-house films based in Caracas and Toronto. Jorge is an alumnus of the Venice Biennale College, TIFF Studio, and Berlinale Talents. He is currently developing a new film at the Torino Film Lab.

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