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Lady for the Harbour

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Lady for the Harbour

Directed by Sean Wang

  • Netherlands, China 2017; 90 min
  • Original version: Chinese, Greek, Farsi
  • Genre: Documentary

  • From the director of EPIC OF A STONE presented at Pitching du Réel


A Chinese man, who once fled China on foot before finding a home in Greece and starting a successful business, wanders the packed corridors of a Greek ferry. He looks kindly at the exhausted refugees wrapped in blankets, while he talks in voice-over about his own privations, giving us a different perspective on the European refugee crisis. This man is a volunteer on a team led by Suzanne, also from China, who thinks that the Chinese community should help their adopted homeland of Greece. Under her tireless leadership, all kinds of aid are distributed: on Lesbos, in Pireaus, in the center of Athens—wherever she finds refugees. Suzanne is an inimitable whirlwind who draws in everyone around her, from her shabby-looking Greek husband to a high-strung dog, a drunk professor and a wayward daughter. The only thing she cannot totally overcome is the skepticism of her Chinese acquaintances.



    Jia Zhao