Lamaland (Teil 1)

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Lamaland (Teil 1) (Lamaland (Part 1))

Directed by Pablo Sigg

  • Mexico, Switzerland 2018; 91 min
  • Original version: German
  • Genre: Fiction


Third feature by Mexican-Swiss filmmaker Pablo Sigg who has been working since 2010 on a two-part fiction project, Lamaland, in Nueva Germania, Paraguay. It stars aging brothers Friedrich and Max Josef Schweikhart, direct descendants of the Utopian community imagined by Richard Wagner and established at the end of the 19th century by Nietzsche's sister Elisabeth. Due to her 'South American stubbornness', her brother called her, not without sarcasm, 'Llama'. With a minimal narrative, LAMALAND is intimate and delicate, giving insight into a radical state of isolation. Through the narrative intervention of the filmmaker, the brothers have their ultimate destiny revealed in a spontaneous breakdown of the fossilised order of their daily existence. It is as if the dark forces of time, the gods of the air and the elements were calling for the end of the men who dreamt of a world with one history, one language, one deity, one race and one territory.



    Nico Pascal