Lamaland (Teil 1)

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    Lamaland (Teil 1)

    Lamaland (Part 1)

    Directed by

    Mexico, Switzerland


    91 min

    • German


    Third feature by Mexican-Swiss filmmaker Pablo Sigg who has been working since 2010 on a two-part fiction project, Lamaland, in Nueva Germania, Paraguay. It stars aging brothers Friedrich and Max Josef Schweikhart, direct descendants of the Utopian community imagined by Richard Wagner and established at the end of the 19th century by Nietzsche's sister Elisabeth. Due to her 'South American stubbornness', her brother called her, not without sarcasm, 'Llama'. With a minimal narrative, LAMALAND is intimate and delicate, giving insight into a radical state of isolation. Through the narrative intervention of the filmmaker, the brothers have their ultimate destiny revealed in a spontaneous breakdown of the fossilised order of their daily existence. It is as if the dark forces of time, the gods of the air and the elements were calling for the end of the men who dreamt of a world with one history, one language, one deity, one race and one territory.



    Friedrich Schweikhart
    Max Josef Schweikhart
    Pablo Sigg
    Pablo Sigg
    Emilio del Cañal
    Pablo Sigg

    Pablo Sigg


    Pablo Sigg (1974, Mexico) is an author and filmmaker. He is known for his long research process in making a film or a book. The project for his feature film THE WILL TO POWER began in 2009 and was completed in early 2013. It was screened at IFF Rotterdam, Ottaway Film Center, Cinémathèque Québécoise, New Museum of Contemporary Art NY, Lima Independiente Festival de Cine, University of the Arts London, Cinema Zuid Antwerp. In 2014 he finished and premiered his second feature film, I, OF WHOM I KNOW NOTHING, filmed during 2012 and 2013 in the Montreuil office and basement that 86-year-old John Calder–Samuel Beckett's London publisher, close friend and collaborator– uses as a home today.

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