Landscapes of Resistance
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    Landscapes of Resistance

    Pejzaži otpora

    Directed by

    Serbia, Germany, France


    90 min

    • Serbian


    Sonja was one of the first female partisan in Serbia and helped lead the resistance in Auschwitz. When we initially encounter her in Landscapes of Resistance, she is a friendly elderly lady with a playful cat on her lap. This is the start of an exceptional journey through her memories of revolutionary books from her student days, her wedding to a communist, the resistance against the German occupiers and her torture after capture as a communist and anti-fascist fighter, right the way through to her escape from the concentration camp.


    • Library Prize - Cinéma du réel
    • Heart of Sarajevo for Best Documentary Film - Sarajevo FF


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    Sofija Sonja Vujanović
    Ivo Vujanović
    Ivanka Maksović
    Marta Popivoda
    Ana Vujanović
    Ivan Marković
    Jelena Maksimović
    Jakov Munižaba


    A powerful testament to the human spirit...unsentimental but irresistibly moving.

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    Marta Popivoda

    Marta Popivoda

    Serbia, Germany

    For me, cinema is a way to offer visions of new possible worlds.

    Marta Popivoda is a filmmaker, video-artist and researcher. Her work explores tensions between memory and history, collective and individual bodies, as well as ideology and everyday life, with a focus on antifascist and feminist potentialities of the Yugoslav socialist project. She cherishes collective practice in art-making and research, and for several years has been part of the TkH (Walking Theory) collective. Popivoda’s first feature documentary, YUGOSLAVIA: HOW IDEOLOGY MOVED OUR COLLECTIVE BODY (2013) premiered at Berlinale. The film is part of the permanent collection of MoMA New York, and it’s featured in What Is Contemporary Art? MoMA’s online course about contemporary art from 1980 to the present. Her work has also featured in major art galleries, such as Tate Modern London, MoMA New York, and more. Popivoda received the prestigious Berlin Art Prize for the visual arts by Akademie der Künste Berlin and Edith-Russ-Haus Award for Emerging Media Artist. Her new feature documentary LANDSCAPES OF RESISTANCE (2021) premiered in the Tiger Competition of IFFR.

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