Lascia stare i santi

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    Lascia stare i santi

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    75 min

    • Italian


    A journey through Italy across a century of popular religious devotion. Ancient and more recent saints, white and black Madonnas, devotional processions... are the expression of a need for the sacred that seems very distant from our way of being, but perhaps is not that distant at all. Today, especially in the South, but with some “isolated” locations in the North, popular faith is still a very real thing, which finds its finest expression in song and in music.


    Sonia Bergamasco
    Fabrizio Gifuni
    Tarek Ben Abdallah
    Angelo Musciagna
    Ambrogio Sparagna
    Gianfranco Pannone

    Gianfranco Pannone


    Gianfranco Pannone was born in Naples in 1963. He has a degree in History of Cinema, and a diploma in film direction from the Experimental Centre of Cinematography. Between 1995 and 1999, he directed and co-produced the documentary films SMALL AMERICA [Piccola America], LETTERS FROM AMERICA [Lettere dall'America] and AMERICA IN ROME [L’America a Roma], that together create the 'The Trilogy of America' [Trilogia dell’America]; and following LATINA/LITTORIA (2001), for which he received the acknowledgement for the Best Non Fiction Work, at the Torino Film Festival in 2001. His medium-length films include: TOMATOES [Pomodori] in 1999, SERENE WORKING WOMAN [Sirena Operaia] 2000, VENICE, THE STINKING CITY [Venezia, la citta che affonda] in 2002, co-directed with Marco Visalberghi, ROCKS, MIRACLES AND OIL [Pietre, Miracoli e Petrolio] in 2004.
    In 2004 he made his debut film in fiction, which has still not been published: I, WHO LOVE ONLY YOU [Io che amo solo te]. In 2006, he made another documentary film ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF OUR HISTORY [Cent’anni della nostra storia] in co-direction with Marco Puccioni, realized at the occasion of the Cgil centenary, and directed IL SOL DELL'AVVENIRE in 2008. Pannone has teached documentary direction at the Dams, University of Rome 3, at the Zelig School of Bolzano, at the new school of documentary at the City of Science in Naples and at the Experimental Centre of Cinematography in Rome. Partner and founder of Doc/IT, he has written some essays on the relation between cinema and reality, and runs the Docbox column on the online review 'Il'. His latest film SCHERZA CON I FANTI (2019), co-directed with Ambrogio Sparagna, was selected for the Giornate degli Autori.

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