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Last Stop Santo Angelo

Not available for screening anymore

Last Stop Santo Angelo (Terminal Santo Ângelo)

Directed by Julio Adamor, Juliana Kulesza, Guilherme Ruffing, Gaia Rondon, Diego Valenzuela, Camila Lisbôa

  • Brazil 2011; 15 min
  • Original version: Portuguese
  • Genre: Documentary

  • From the director of MY GRANDPA MADE PORN presented at When East Meets West

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A film about a place you can't imagine that still exists nowadays.
Additional information: This film was the result of a Documentary 6-month course. It was shot during one single weekend. It was awarded best film at Festival Curta Como Quiser and it was screened at Festival Internacional de Curtas de São Paulo, the main Brazilian short films festival.



    Julio Adamor