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Lasting (Nieulotne)

Directed by Jacek Borcuch

  • Poland 2012; 93 min
  • Original version: Polish, Spanish
  • Genre: Drama
    • Best Cinemaphotography (World Cinema Dramatic) - Sundance FF


Lasting is an emotional love story about Michal and Karina, a pair of Polish students who meet and fall in love with each other while working summer jobs in Spain. An unexpected nightmare brutally breaks into their carefree time in the heavenly landscape and throws their lives into chaos.

Director's Statement

Can a few seconds influence one's life? The answer is obvious: yes, one single, irreversible moment not only can influence, but entirely change it. The answer to the question that naturally follows is not so simple: How can it change one's life? The very moment when we start wondering about this dilemma, an amazing journey into the unknown begins, a journey into human imagination, where one's intuition and instinct are the guides. A dialectical way to approach this dilemma may seem a little trivial, or even naive, but immersing it in real, physical life brings it into a truly significant space, which in case of this story is fundamental. Lasting is a contemporary attempt to look closer at human condition in micro scale. Through the eyes of young people we observe the disintegration of their seemingly ordered world. The viewer finds himself emotionally attached to the destiny of the protagonists. Not in an imprudent way, simply by co-feeling and desiring to understand them. Together with the protagonists, or actually through them, we ourselves have the opportunity to face our own nature and ask more questions without answers.



    Piotr Kobus 

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