Le Cœur du conflit

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Le Cœur du conflit

Directed by Judith Cahen, Masayasu Eguchi

  • France, Japan 2017; 79 min
  • Original version: French, Japanese
  • Genre: Docufiction
    • Georges de Beauregard National Prize, Prize de Groupement National des Cinémas de Recherche: GNCR Prize, Prize des Lycéens - FID Marseille


The film opens on a background of nuclear plant chimneys with this apostrophe: "Are you sowing tomorrow if the world comes to an end? An urgent question followed by a remark by Eisenstein stressing that conflict is the very principle of montage. From the outset, this is the matrix of the film: the world, its future in a nuclear space.
Judith and Masa, become fictional alter ego of the two filmmakers, sometimes flanked by their duplicates, to embark us in a cascade of entangled questions. Her, French, him, the Japanese, couple and filmmakers, lead us in a to-and-from between Paris, Fukushima and Hiroshima, where the conflict of the title unfolds in a thousand pages.



    Masayasu Eguchi