Le Moulin

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    Le Moulin

    Ri yao ri shih san pu zhe

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    162 min

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    It was when Taiwan was in a stable period of cultural assimilation during the past forty years of Japanese colonial rule that the country's first modern art group – Le Moulin Poetry Society – arose in the 1930s, with their poetic protest against the colonial power's cultural superiority. The name reflected the group's orientation towards the West while especially strongly influenced by France. Regarding the Surrealists as their absolute role models, Le Moulin poets composed poetry in an uncompromising and aesthetically sophisticated style to confront the turbulent era they lived in. LE MOULIN not only tries to record a historical period that paved the way for a new freedom and self-awareness, but also to explore how Asian Modernist writers reinvent Modernism through encountering foreign culture and their contemplation upon identities.


    • Grand Prize (Taiwanese Competition) - Taiwan IDF
    • Best Screenplay, Award for Sound Design - Taipei FF
    • Best Documentary - Taipei Golden Horse FF



    Huang Ya-li
    Huang Ya-li
    Hsieh Chieh-ting


    Absolutely essential.

    Daniel Kasman, Mubi Notebook

    Huang Ya-li

    Huang Ya-li


    Huang Ya-Li is an independent filmmaker in Taiwan, and is interested in the link between and extension of images and sounds.In recent years, he has been involved in documentaries concerning Taiwan during these Japanese colonial period, and hopes to explore the possibility of interpreting reality in the form of documentaries through historical research and examination, and also reflect on the relationship between Taiwan, Asia, and the world. His experimental works include IN LIGHT, THE PURSUIT OF WHAT WAS, and THE UNNAMED.