Leif in Concert

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    Leif in Concert

    Directed by



    100 min

    • German

    Fiction, Music

    This is a declaration of love to music and to that one bar around the corner that everyone knows, that home away from home, where you can be who you are, and where there are no class distinctions.


    • German Cinema New Talent Award for Best Producer (Martin Lischke) - Filmfest München



    Luise Heyer
    Klaus Manchen
    Christian von Aster
    Gerdy Zint
    Florian Bartholomäi
    Michael Klammer
    Tom Lass
    Katharina Matz
    Michael Specht
    Volkan Türeli
    Monika Anna Wojtyllo
    Bela B Felsenheimer
    Nora Abdel-Maksoud
    Christian Klandt
    René Gorski
    Jörg Schreyer
    Christian Klandt
    Silvio Naumann
    Christian Klandt

    Christian Klandt


    Christian Klandt, born in 1978, grew up in Beeskow, 1.5 hours southeast of Berlin. He initially studied traffic management in Gotha (Thuringia). In 2000 he moved to Berlin, where he started working in the film industry. He began his career as assistant director for film and theatre productions. He is a co-founder of the playhouse Theaterdiscounter in Berlin, and worked as a curator and presenter for Berlin art house cinema Filmrauschpalast (Kulturfabrik Moabit). From 2004 to 2012 he studied directing at Film University Konrad Wolf in Potsdam-Babelsberg. During his time in film school he created numerous short- and medium length films, as well as two full feature films. His fairy tale Schaustein’s Final Film was highly acclaimed at several international film festivals. His critically acclaimed first feature film Weltstadt earned him 7 awards and was screened at more than 40 film festivals. In 2009 X Verleih AG released Weltstadt in German cinemas. In 2010 his tragicomedy FEDERAL CHANCELLOR HONECKER had its world premiere at Jeonju International Film festival in South Korea. From 2010 to 2012 he worked on his second feature film Little Thirteen, a co-production between X Filme Creative Pool GmbH and ZDF. The film was widely discussed after its release in Germany and in five other territories. Presently, Christian is working on a documentary about a Berlin theatre project with homeless people titled Ratten07, and on several fictional scripts, for example: Pusteblume (”Dandelion”, a remake of the Japanese classic Tampopo), Schaustein’s Last Movie (a full feature version of his fairy tale), and Lilea Rosa (a drama about illegal organ trafficking in Moldova, for which he received a research scholarship from the Robert-Bosch-Stiftung in 2015).