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    80 min

    • Spanish


    Deep in the forest a group of five friends wander around like a lion herd. Lost in their word games, they play and seduce each other while going back and forth into adulthood territory, in a desperate search to avoid their already written story.


    • Special Jury Prize - International Official Selection - BAFICI

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    Julia Volpato
    Pablo Sigal
    Macarena del Corro
    Diego Vegezzi
    Tomás Mackinlay
    Jazmín López
    Matías Mesa
    Benjamin Domenech
    Jazmín López

    Director's Statement

    “Death is a lived life. Life is a death that comes” (Jorge Luís Borges) A white page, a shape, maybe a point without pre-design, allows me to move eternally into time. LEONES is an essay about death, from the point of view of a mortal being, death seen as a beautiful landscape. Youth and its obsessions; death, its beauty and incomprehension. How weak can the human body be in comparison to an intellectual construction? These kids are always in the moment. References to temporality are downplayed, or even denied. They are not only in the moment but immersed in it, anxious and bored, almost beyond temporality. The decay of these flowers and the dirt of their clothes exert pressure on memory. Their extreme presence is more than eternal. End of time: they are not aware of their past. Leones explores the fantastic boundaries of fi lm as a language. The kids are more real than the fi ction of the film. Their purpose is an empty pursuit of arriving—nowhere—Animals. The feeling fi lls the whole space. We have to translate it within ourselves. And only if we stay sensitive towards the world, will we be able to go through it... A correspondence is established. Different times are tied, entangled in a positive ending. A perfect circle is created: inside there is an open tunnel that allows us to carry on emotionally in this world.



    Jazmín López

    Jazmín López


    Jazmín López was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1984. She is a graduate in Film Direction from Universidad del Cine (FUC). She has directed the short films PARECE LA PIERNA DE UNA MUÑECA, JUEGO VIVO and TE AMO Y MORITE. Furthermore, Jazmín López is a visual artist and has studied with artists as Guillermo Kuitca and Jorge Macchi. She has participated in the Istambul Biennale (2011) and made exhibitions in Argentina (Ruth Benzacar), Mexico (MACO) and United States (Art Basel Miami & LACE).

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