Les lettres de ma mère

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Les lettres de ma mère

Directed by Serge Giguère

  • Canada 2017; 86 min
  • Original version: French
  • Genre: Documentary


In 1975, Serge Giguère filmed his first documentary images, during a family reunion. At the time, the filmmaker had no idea that it would be his mother’s first and last on-camera appearance. The small, charismatic, infectiously energetic woman died soon after, mother to 16 children in 1950s Quebec, and the invisible inspiration for the filmmaker’s profoundly humanistic approach. A sharp and poignant (auto)biography, LES LETTRES DE MA MERE pays tribute to the “quiet story in the shadows” of a woman both well-loved and too-little-known, an ordinary mother of uncommon vitality, and a symbol of an important part of Quebec’s rural and working-class history.



    Sophie Michon