Letter #69

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Letter #69

Directed by Lin Hsin-i

  • Taiwan 2016; 19 min
  • Original version: Mandarin, Taiwanese
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Excellence Award - Women Make Waves FF


LETTER #69 is a reinterpretation of the prison letters by SHI Shui-huan, a victim of Taiwan’s White Terror. The filmmaker attempts to highlight the blankness of SHI’s last letter, describing the unseen history of that period. The film is a narrative made up of three perspectives: the silent writers (political victims SHI Shui-huan and SHI Zhi-cheng), the present off-camera narrators (female family members of the victims), and the interwoven first, second, and third person narration that is the discourse of the people involved in contemporary events (narrator LI Zhe-yu, and the filmmaker).




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