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Directed by Faren Humes

  • USA 2018; 17 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Drama
    • Special prize for the Best Short Film (International Jury Generation 14plus) - Berlinale Generation


Best friends Milagros (Loggy) and Alex have been neighbors their entire lives in Miami’s redeveloping Liberty Square. Loggy detaches when she learns that Alex is being displaced and relocated to another community. The two are chosen to dance together at the community’s groundbreaking ceremony but their plans are derailed when the memorial of Milagro’s slain mother is confiscated. The integrity of their friendship is tested as they search for its whereabouts.

Director's Statement

LIBERTY is a largely improvisational drama that explores displacement and the eroding effects of gentrification on the community of Liberty Square in Liberty City, Miami, Fl.
I wanted to show the materiality of loss and uprooting within this historical site—where family fabric, bonds, and tradition are long-standing tenets—but also the vitality that remains and the resilience that has no bounds. And so, we dance. Using choreography and dancers from Traci Young-Byron’s YCDT Dance Troupe, we witness a single desire to dance disintegrate within this sphere of construction and change. This is a dedication to the Pork n Beans.



    Diego Najera