Licu, a Romanian Story

Not available for screening anymore

Licu, a Romanian Story (Licu, o poveste românească)

Directed by Ana Dumitrescu

  • Romania 2017; 87 min
  • Original version: Romanian
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Golden Dove (International Competition) - DOK Leipzig


Firstly, "Licu, a romanian story" is the life of a man. A 92 years old man who lived all events: peace, war, communism, Révolution, post-Revolution. For this 92 years, he suffered, loved, laughed and cried. Licu is not only a feature documentary, above all it's film about time-passing, old age and our own weakness. Like all stories, that one of Licu is subjective. It's not a film about History but a tale whose Licu is the hero. Each of us can find a part of ourselves in the film. The character exudes a form of universality.Licu is a closed door. At his age, he is alone with his memories. However, the film is filled with characters and life.Each image of the film is a photograph of an album. Today will become tomorrow. The present is past. Licu is an invitation to open the book of time.




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