Li'l Quinquin

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    Li'l Quinquin

    P'tit Quinquin

    Directed by



    200 min

    • French

    Comedy drama

    Cinema version

    An improbale, screwball and slapstick police procedural focusing on bizarre crimes on the outskirts of a small Channel Town in the Boulonnais that has fallen prey to evil, and to an band of young scoundrels led by Li'l Quinquin and his beloved Eve.


    • Best Film, FIPRESCI Award - Tromsø IFF
    • Best French Serie, Best Director - Prix de l'Association de Critiques de Séries



    Alane Delhaye
    Lucy Caron
    Bernard Pruvost
    Philippe Jore
    Philippe Peuvion
    Cindy Louguet
    Bruno Dumont
    Guillaume Deffontaines
    Bruno Dumont
    Basile Belkhiri

    Director's Statement

    Comedy has almost the same firepower as drama: the power to go right to the heart of things, as comedy does in a rather direct way (laughter is the detonation, that of an inner explosion).
    Comedy came to me from the dramas that I directed: strangely enough, it was always lurking around during the shooting and the takes... Comedy lurked there simply because it is cut from the same cloth: it was always in the equation during the delicate balancing of a drama, because it was always a possibility and a risk.
    In other words, comedy does not have a nature of its own: it exists in the natural suspense of beings and things, like a germination.
    Human life is thus a mechanism with a single trigger: tragedy, drama and comedy are simply its variations. LI’L QUINQUIN is a tragicomic film, because it is a dog chasing its tail!



    Holy cow! Bruno Dumont makes a comedy!

    Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter

    Bruno Dumont

    Bruno Dumont


    To make a film, I need to go back to what nurtures me, which is the relationship between art and religion in painting.

    Bruno Dumont (born in France) is a French film Director. To date, he has directed several feature films, all of which border somewhere between realistic drama and the avant-garde. His first feature film THE LIFE OF JESUS was selected at Directors' Fortnight. His films have won several awards at the Cannes films Festival. Two of Dumont's films have won the Grand Prix award: both L’HUMANITÉ and FLANDERS (2006). The only other director who has twice won the Cannes Grand Prix is Andrei Tarkovsky. Dumont's HADEWIJCH won the 2009 Prize of the International Critics (FIPRESCI Prize) for Special Presentation at the Toronto Film Festival, and will be distributed in France in 2009, and by IFC in the U.S. in 2010. CAMILLE CLAUDEL 1915 (2013) screened in Competition in Berlin. LI’L QUINQUIN (2014) wolrd premiered in the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs' Special Screenings. In 2016, SLACK BAY was presented in Competition at the Cannes International Film Festival, and in 2017, so was his film JEANNETTE, THE CHILDHOOD OF JOAN OF ARC.

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