Live a Little

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Live a Little

Directed by Jenny Jokela

  • Germany, United Kingdom 2019; 3 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Animation


LIVE A LITTLE is a film that taps into the pressures and the amounts of self-control that goes into being a ”good woman” in a patriarchal society by celebrating women who decide to not care. It's about a night when everything happened before it even got started. About a broken heart and hearts that wait to be crushed. About rising like a phoenix when last time you checked you were a grey sparrow. About being a little bit too much if others get to decide but they don’t, and that’s why it’s ok to make out with the person next to you without it meaning anything, like eating a sandwich or brushing the teeth, not learning from mistakes and folding yourself into a strangers taxi just to be thrown out.