Long Distance

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Long Distance

Directed by Anoop Lokkur

  • Australia 2019; 7 min
  • Original version: English, Hindi
  • Genre: Drama


Aayushi answers a call from her mother back in India. When the conversation turns to love and marriage, something holds Aayushi back.

Director's Statement

I’d been wanting to make a short film based on my personal experiences, which I could explore through characters that I’d find relatable. Initially, it felt like any ideas I’d come up with were too contrived until my mum called me one night – the conversation I had with her inspired me to make this short film. She asked me how my job was; I said that my 9-to-5 was going well when in reality I’d been sitting in my living room most of the day trying to come up with film ideas. I was struck by how many lies I’d tell her because of the tension I felt between her and my family’s expectations of me, and the expectations I’d built for my own life. Ultimately, Long Distance is a particular exploration of family, love and life from an intercultural perspective that I feel I haven’t seen on a lot of on screen before.



    Anoop Lokkur