Long Distance

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    Long Distance

    Directed by



    7 min

    • English
    • Hindi


    Aayushi answers a call from her mother back in India. When the conversation turns to love and marriage, something holds Aayushi back.



    Kirti Dube
    Meg Spencer
    Ram Avtar Singh
    Sakshi Singh
    Anoop Lokkur
    Matthew Jenkins
    Anoop Lokkur

    Director's Statement

    I’d been wanting to make a short film based on my personal experiences, which I could explore through characters that I’d find relatable. Initially, it felt like any ideas I’d come up with were too contrived until my mum called me one night – the conversation I had with her inspired me to make this short film. She asked me how my job was; I said that my 9-to-5 was going well when in reality I’d been sitting in my living room most of the day trying to come up with film ideas. I was struck by how many lies I’d tell her because of the tension I felt between her and my family’s expectations of me, and the expectations I’d built for my own life. Ultimately, Long Distance is a particular exploration of family, love and life from an intercultural perspective that I feel I haven’t seen on a lot of on screen before.

    Anoop Lokkur

    Anoop Lokkur


    Anoop Lokkur is a Melbourne-based filmmaker. Originally from Bangalore, India, Anoop moved to Australia in early 2007 to pursue a Masters degree in International Business. After over 7 years working as a project manager, Anoop decided to quit his job and pursue his passion for film making, having also completed the Foundations Course in Film and Television at the Victorian College of the Arts. Since then, he has co founded a creative agency løkk+weave and completed two short films: THE LAUNDROMAT (2018), and LONG DISTANCE (2019) which world premiered at MIFF 2019. Informed by his own experiences as an immigrant, Anoop’s interest has honed in on exploring the subtleties of identity within a contemporary setting, particularly those aspects which are affected by inter- and intra-cultural difference.