Look at Me
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    Look at Me

    Basta guardarmi

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    13 min

    • Italian

    Drama, Short

    From the director of EASY presented at Crossroads

    Serena is a teenager with a big problem: she’s overweight. Her life goes on, day by day, watching silly programs on tv. Her mother is miles away from her. Every week Serena goes to a nutritional disorders center, but without success. Only a street seller seems to notice her, but on her birthday, Serena takes a decision: to put an end to her life. But destiny has other plans for her. Her own weight and a red blanket will give her the chance to overcome, at least temporarily, her problem…


    Cinzia Bovi
    Irene Ferri
    Andrea Magnani
    Chiara Barbo
    Armando Barberi
    Gianni Vezzosi
    Andrea Magnani

    Andrea Magnani


    Andrea Magnani is a screenwriter and a feature and documentary director. As a screenwriter, he works for major Italian production companies as Cattleya, Rodeo Drive, Albatross and Tao Due. In 2002, with LA LUNGA CORSA (THE LUNG RUN), he won the Solinas Award for the best story and was selected for the 1st Berlinale Talent Campus (2003). As a director, he directed the documentaries: LE RAGAZZE DI TRIESTE (TRIESTINE GIRLS, 2008), CAFFÈ TRIESTE (2009); the short films: LOOK AT ME (2006) and LEE (2012).

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