Lorello e Brunello

Not available for screening anymore

Lorello e Brunello

Directed by Jacopo Quadri

  • Italy 2017; 85 min
  • Original version: Italian
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Jury Special Mention, Cipputi Award - Torino IFF


Lorello and Brunello Biondi are twins who live alone on the farm where they were born, in Pianetti di Sovana, Maremma, a harsh and windswept countryside. Work is an uncontested condition of life, and they never have a day off. And yet they are losing money: they have four hundred head of sheep and one hundred hectares of land, but milk is constantly decreasing in value and wheat is doing even worse. Around them, they see the prosperity of the important winegrowers, who today own large landed estates but a century ago had been defeated by their grandfathers.

Director's Statement

Lorello e Brunello is film about work, the land, the seasons. The heat, the drought, the night. Time. Solitude. They are up well before dawn but what’s the point of working so hard? I wanted to understand the lives of these people who do nothing but work, without the slightest gratification, without ever any joy. I wanted to live with them to understand. To understand the rules of the countryside, of farming, of planting, of harvesting. How do they deal with the three hours they spend every day milking the sheep in an uproar of udders and dung? What do they think about when they spend the night on a tractor in a field in the dark, alone in the dust?