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Directed by Alexey Zlobin

  • Armenia, Russia, Switzerland, Serbia, Sweden, Cyprus 2018; 95 min
  • Original version: Armenian
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama


A lonely and egocentric theater actor inhabits a world populated by his past characters. Unexpectedly he finds himself plunged into the realities of people he knows: his drunken neighbor, a shy and awkward young woman, a critically-ill girl… As he experiences the pain and suffering of others, he himself becomes transformed – from a cynical narcissist into a compassionate and selfless person. Now he is trying to come up with the money necessary for the girl’s treatment. Having found himself inhabiting the role of a rich and odious presidential candidate, he attempts to exploit this new situation to help her, yet this proves not to be enough. He resolves to take a final, desperate step…

Director's Statement

The film is poetic, and we can recall the words of Georgy Ivanov as an epigraph: "Mirrors reflect each other, mutually distorting the reflections." What do we often look at, and what do we forget as soon as we avert our eyes? Our own face! And doing so we do not see ourselves at all: everything is muddied by social masks, alternating roles, and false conceptions. We are able to see our own face only when we wash all this tinsel out, when we lose connection with the circumstances…..



    Martin Minasyan