Los Hongos
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    Los Hongos

    Directed by

    Argentina, Colombia, France, Germany


    103 min

    • Spanish


    Every night after construction work, Ras, son of Maria, who migrated to the city from the Pacific Jungle makes graffiti on different walls of his neighborhood in the east of Cali. Ras hasn't slept and is starting to daydream. Maria worries that someone has bewitched him and he will end up insane. One day Ras loses his job because he stole cans of paint with which he has been doing a huge mural on the lot next to his house. He crosses the city looking for Calvin, another young graffiti artist and together they go aimlessly through the city, like those who want to get lost and never return.


    • Special Prize from Ciné+ Jury (Filmmakers of the Present) - Locarno FF
    • Special Mention - Seville European FF
    • Opera Prima ExAequo - REC Tarragona IFF


    Labels & Line Ups


    Jovan Alexis Marquinez
    Calvin Buenaventura
    Atala Estrada
    Gustavo Ruiz Montoya
    María Elvira Solis
    Dominique Tonnelier
    Ángela García
    Ángela García
    Oscar Ruiz Navia
    César Augusto Acevedo
    Sofía Oggioni Hatty
    Felipe Guerrero
    Sebastián Escofet
    La Llegada Del Dios Rata
    Zalama Crew

    Director's Statement

    LOS HONGOS is linked to my life in Cali, the mid-sized city in southwestern Colombia where I was born, grew up, studied and fell in love with film. I spent some time away, but following the illness and subsequent death of my grandmother, I decided to return. I tried to make a film that mixes my memories with new experiences, places I’m familiar with and those unknown to me, people who have been with me throughout my life and those I met for the first time during this experience. Working in that limbo between what I can control and something I have absolutely no control over, with all the difficulty this implies, all of which I find deeply fascinating. This is not a hedonistic film. On the contrary, the project arose out of pain.



    A sure-handedly executed drama that tackles numerous human and social issues in an unpretentious and sincerely touching way.

    Vladan Petkovic, Cineuropa

    Oscar Ruiz  Navia

    Oscar Ruiz Navia


    "I like films apparently simple but complex at the same time. Films loaded with epiphanies"

    Oscar Ruíz Navia was born on June 22, 1982, in Cali, Colombia. After studying communication and journalism, he founded his production company Contravia Films in 2006. In 2010, he received the FIPRESCI Prize at the Berlinale for his first film, CRAB TRAP (El vuelco del cangrejo). He was present at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes as the producer of William Vega's LA SIRGA. His second feature, LOS HONGOS (2014), premiered at Locarno FF, where it won a Special Prize from the Ciné+ Jury.

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