Los Reyes

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    Los Reyes

    Directed by

    • Bettina Perut, Iván Osnovikoff

    Chile, Germany


    78 min

    • Spanish


    Los Reyes is the oldest skatepark in the Chilean capital of Santiago. But in its literal sense, “the kings” in the title of this film can equally refer to Chola and Football, the two stray dogs that have made their home in this open space full of hurtling skateboards and rowdy teenagers. The energetic female Chola loves to play with the balls she finds lying around. She positions them at the edge of the bowls where the skaters show off their tricks, and tries to catch them just before they fall down. The older dog, Football, looks on impatiently and barks at Chola until she finally drops the ball.


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    • Special Jury Award for Feature-Length Documentary



    Pablo Valdés
    Bettina Perut
    Iván Osnovikoff
    Bettina Perut, Iván Osnovikoff

    Bettina Perut, Iván Osnovikoff


    Bettina Perut was born in Rome, Italy, in 1970. Iván Osnovikoff was born in Puerto Montt, Chile, in 1966. Bettina Perut and Iván Osnovikoff met in 1997 and in 2000 co-directed CHICHICHI LELELE MARTIN VARGAS FROM CHILE, an observational documentary film about the come back of a fallen boxing idol and its impact on Chilean society. Between 2000 and 2002 they produced and directed A MAN ASIDE, deep and raw metaphor on human condition depicting the decline of Ricardo Liaño and his obsession to become a millionaire in his eighties. During 2003 and 2004 they directed and produced CLEVER MONKEY PINOCHET VERSUS LA MONEDA'S PIGS(2004), a provocative experimentation on the 1973 Chilean military coup featuring child and youth reenacting the historical facts. In 2004 Perut and Osnovikoff moved to the United States for the making of WELCOME TO NEW YORK (2006), inverted ethnography in which the directors show their irreverent and sarcastic vision of the “Capital of the World”. In 2006 they went back to Chile and began the production of NEWS(2009), observational film proposing a radical cinematic glance to the same reality depicted by the media. Afterwards, the directors made THE DEATH OF PINOCHET (2011), sarcastic chronicle of the death and funerals of the former Chilean dictator. SURIRE is their most recent feature lenght film.

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